Saturday, March 20, 2010

Free For All

I love DC. Where else can you find a theater willing to give away tons of stuff for FREE? Warehouse Theater is in the process of renovating their stage area and needed to get rid of a lot of "junk." Someone there had the brilliant idea to "give it away." And so they did. I was the first person there and Paul, one of the owners, politely suggested that I sit right next to the door. At 5pm the door opened and thus began what I'd like to call "civil chaos." People behaved themselves, but it went by so quickly!

I was there on a mission: to pick up 3 identical chairs one I picked up at Community Forklift, an architectural salvage store. Anything else would be a bonus, and it was

2 work horses (ikea table legs)
1 sheet of plywood for the workhorses
1 typing table (perfect for my sewing machine)
1 lamp stand
1 large lamp shade
1 vase

...and the chairs are under there somewhere.


  1. What will you be doing with the now set of 4 chairs?

  2. hey... I just saw your comment on the D*S Jacksonville guide. Would the wedding you mentioned happen to be S. Pajcic? If so, she's a lifelong friend of mine and I'll be there, too! {If not, funny coincidence, and have fun!}

    Carey @ Corks + Caftans