Friday, March 6, 2009

Well, Here Goes...

I finally decided to blog, and what better way than to do it for something I actually enjoy doing - crochet. I'm sure a lot of my family and friends have little to no idea that this is something I do, and quite honestly, they're justified. I've only recently picked up my hooks after about a two year hiatus. And before that hiatus, I'd only crocheted a scarf for myself.

I actually forgot about it and was preoccupied with growing up. I graduated from college, got a real job, and started to enjoy what being an adult is all about (rent, bills, mimosas). I guess you could say it was my boyfriend who sparked my interest in crocheting again. Two people very close to him were blessed with their own little bundles of joy within the last year. I really wanted to make a special gift for his niece and somehow crocheted toys fell into my lap. I'm super geeked about amigurumi dolls, as well as scarves, hats, and home goods. I'm hoping that I'll be able to show off some pretty little things on this blog, pique your interest in needle crafts, and maybe get around to selling something (more on that later).

Oh, and as for the name of the blog...

The "c" in c. alicia does not stand for Caroline. Caroline, however, IS the name I would like to give my daughter if I'm ever so blessed to have one. So this for her.


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